Best Sellers - Bags


Bags sit proudly at number 2 on the list of the most popular promotional product to be given away. So why is that?

One of the main reasons is that as people we need to have a lot of ‘stuff’ with us, and are forever transporting that around. Whether it’s a change of clothing, things for work, laptops or tablets, sports equipment or food and drink – we always need a bag to carry it.

So, it’s no surprise that the bag is viewed as an excellent way to get your brand noticed. They rarely wear out, so are usually kept and used for a long time. The variety of different bags on offer is huge. Some popular examples being:

  • Tote Shopper Bags
  • Rope Handled Bags
  • Cooler Bags
  • Laptop Bags
  • Messenger Bags
  • Rucksacks
  • Jute Bags
  • Shoe & Boot Bags
  • Document Bags
  • Holdalls
  • Carrier Bags
  • Conference Bag

The branding methods are as varied as the bag range, but print and embroidery would be the most common methods. What is standard is that there is a very large branding area on these, so with the bag’s longevity this makes a really effective corporate gift.

For more details on the promotional bags we offer, please contact us.