How can promotional merchandise help to promote your business?

You may not realise it yet, but promotional merchandise has impacted your life in one way or another. Think about the branded pen you use every day at work, or the mug you drink your morning brew out of. But, these aren’t just pens or mugs, they’re corporate gifts and corporate gifts can help get your business the attention it deserves. Take a look at the impact the 3 bestselling promotional products can have on both your business and consumer:

With an industry value of £66,072,369 (BPMA, 2017), pens are by far one of the most popular promotional gifts. This staple, low cost product readily provides your consumer with a product they can use on a daily basis. The simple pen brings your brand to the forefront of your consumers’ minds every single time they write a note or jot down their to-do list.

Pens also reflect your brand. You can choose to customise them in whatever way you fancy by printing your logo or image on the barrel or clip.

The modest mug makes the ideal corporate gift as most of us start and finish the day with a cuppa. Mugs unassumingly sit on your desk at work, or coffee table at home whilst bringing your brand to the forefront of your consumers’ minds with every sip.

For the busy bees, travel mugs are an essential accessory. They allow you to transport your hot beverage from home to the office on public transport. Therefore, mugs can also be a walking billboard, increasing the reach of your brand.

In terms of customisation, mugs have a relatively large branding area. You can even choose to wrap your logo around the entirety of the mug!

Like the trendy travel mug, bags also provide your business with a walking billboard. They are highly valued by consumers and therefore, your brand sits on their shoulder(s) as they go about their day.

Bags are essential nowadays. Besides, we need somewhere to store and transport our ‘stuff’, whether it’s our laptop, food shopping or gym gear.

In terms of branding, you can choose to print or embroider your logo onto the front or side of a holdall, rucksack, shopper and laptop bags.

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