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Best Sellers - Pens


Research has shown that pens are the most common promotional items to be given away. The reason for that is because they achieve the goal of getting your brand in front of the recipient and keeping it there. The added

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Best Sellers - Mugs


The UK is a great tea drinking nation, and is also rapidly becoming a big coffee drinking nation, with all the many varieties offered on every High Street. It’s long been the case that many people wouldn’t start work until

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Best Sellers - Bags


Bags sit proudly at number 2 on the list of the most popular promotional product to be given away. So why is that? One of the main reasons is that as people we need to have a lot of ‘stuff’

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Best Selers - Umbrellas


Why are umbrellas such a good promotional product? The first reason that springs to mind is the fact that you can brand your logo on a large colourful canopy that is held aloft at eye level for everyone to see. 

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Best Sellers USB Flashdrives

USB Flashdrives

USB flash drives have been a prominent part of any range of quality corporate merchandise for over 10 years now. We all have an increasing need to store data and media of all kinds, and there’s no better way to

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Journals have risen in popularity since the re-emergence of Moleskine books in the last 20 years. Moleskine themselves say the book dates back over the last 2 centuries and was popular with ‘artists and thinkers’. They cite Van Gogh and

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Best Sellers - Sweets (1)


Sweets will always be well received as a corporate gift, simply because they’re sweets!! Whilst you might discard some giveaways, nobody will throw sweets away. They can ease the strain of walking around an exhibition, or freshen you up at

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Best Sellers - Lanyards


Events and exhibitions are places where many corporate gifts are given away. However, there are virtually no events or exhibitions that take place without the need for a lanyard. Most commonly they are used to carry identity cards or name

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