The Gadget Blog

Gadgets There are some remarkable technologies out there today, for example, did you know about one business has developed pill-sized electrode implants that respond to thoughts. It hopes to use these to restore a level of independence to people affected

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Branding: What goes in…

Branding: What goes in... Must come out! This week we've been getting to grips with just how much work goes into personalising and branding clothing items. We only provide high quality merchandise and to get that, a lot of work

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8 Top Tips for Exhibition Success

It's that time of year again, we're approaching 'exhibition season'. Exhibitions are a great way to showcase your business, services and products as well as network with potential clients and partners. But, exhibitions are also a bit of a (crowded!)

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EC branded t-shirt

Been there, got the (branded) t-shirt!

So since joining the industry, I seem to have developed a weird promotional products radar. If there is a branded pen, mug, hoodie or t-shirt in the room, I'm sure to clock it. Okay, it's not the most coolest 'skill'

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