Eco Audit

How eco- friendly and sustainable is your Promo merchandise range?

Most companies and organisations place a huge importance in being as kind to the environment and sustainable as possible. At Everything Corporate we are no different & although a small organisation we are looking to make a big difference.

Promotional merchandise is a fantastic proven way to promote & marketing your business or brand, luckily today you can enjoy the benefits that Promotional merchandise can bring but in a Eco-friendly way, there is a huge choice of fantastic products available that will not only work hard promoting your brand but that are also good for the environment.

So to do our bit we are offering any business an Eco audit on their current range of completely FREE of charge.

The audit consists of

ECO/sustainability rating of all your existing product range plus an alternative Eco choice product range if required. We also highlight the benefits of our choices.

We realise you are busy so all we ask from you for us to complete the audit is to provide either images or details of the Promo merchandise your organisation currently uses, we do the rest.

Once you receive your Free audit you can use the information to look how you ECO friendly your current range of products are and if it can be improved.

As mentioned at the start at Everything Corporate wea are looking to make a difference and help our clients but also companies that don’t currently use us (why not). The audit available and is FREE of charge to every company so if you would like an independent review of your range book an audit now.

To book your audit just complete the form below, please note we will get back to you & confirm a date for your audit, we will be as quick as possible but as you can imagine demand is high.