Everything Corporate’s top 10 favourite promotional gadgets

Promotional gadgets should be ideally be included in every marketing strategy. They are highly valued gifts that will raise your brand awareness and shape your image as a modern company. Did you know that technology-based products are ranked the most useful type of promotional product? This is because they offer practical value to both your clients and employees as gadgets make their day-to-day lives that little bit easier. Therefore, it’s likely that your clients and employees will continue to use their branded gadget(s) for years to come. This means that your brand will also be seen, heard and talked about for years to come. In other words, promotional gadgets get your business the attention it so deserves.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, or just a bit curious… here’s a list of Everything Corporate’s 10 favourite promotional gadgets:

1. Virtual Reality Headset 

Promotional Virtual Reality Headset








There has been a continued rise in virtual and augmented reality. According to PPD Magazine (Jan, 2018), this is because our ‘digital lifestyles’ are becoming more sought after and valued than our real, physical lifestyles.

This VR headset plunges you into a different reality as you experience a 360 degree view. It is padded for extra comfort and has an adjustable head strap. It is also compatible with smartphones.

2. Wireless Charger

Who needs wires anyway?! With the introduction of Qi-enabled devices, wireless chargers are expected to continue to grow in popularity. This desk-top wireless charger lights up when you start to charge your device, flashes during charging and lights up permanently when fully charged.

3. Macaron Charging Cable

Promotional Macaron Charging Cable








Annoying tangled cabled are a thing of the past! This handy gadget helps you to stay charged on the go whilst promoting your brand. The cable recoils into the body to prevent tangled cables. You can also use the Macaron Charging Cable as a phone stand. It features micro, USBC, USB and Lightning Cables to suit all smart devices.

4. Wireless Ring Earbuds

Promotional Wireless Ring Earbuds








We rarely leave the house with our earphones. These wireless ring earbuds have a battery life of up to 4 hours and are available with a range of different coloured trims to suit your branding.

5. LED Moonlight Bluetooth Speaker

Promotional LED Moonlight Bluetooth Speaker








Light up your logo and create ambience with the LED Moonlight Bluetooth Speaker.

6. Wireless Mouse

Promotional Wireless Mouse








This ultra-slim wireless mouse has a built in rechargeable battery which can be charged while using the mouse. It has illuminating LED logo branding and trim, making it a unique promotional gadget.

7. Robot Cleaner

Promotional Robot Cleaner








This funky robot gadget cleans your phone and tablets screens quickly and easily through vibration. The microfibre cleaning pad with multi-coloured LED light never misses a spot and can even remove dust and oil from your screen.

8. Ring Selfie Button

Ring Selfie Button Promotional Gadgets








‘Shall we have a selfie?’ This easy to use Bluetooth remote control helps you take the perfect selfie. Just click and grab the limelight of your brand.

9. The Multi C USB

Promotional USB-C








The classy Multi-C hub with 6 ports is indispensible for any business person. It is great for transferring data and power. This handy gadget also includes a laser and page up/down pointer for use with presentations. Why not add a subtle engraving?

10. Activity Tracker

Promotional Activity Tracker








Activity Trackers are everywhere nowadays. This tracker is designed to track your lifestyle. The device tracks your heart rate, calories, steps, sleep and even UV rays! If you connect it to your smartphone, it will also keep you posted on incoming calls, WhatsApp, Tweets and calendar activities via vibration and on-screen notifications. The double-sided wearable strap is available in different patterns and a subtle laser engraving of your logo makes for an ideal business gift.

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