Been there, got the (branded) t-shirt!

So since joining the industry, I seem to have developed a weird promotional products radar. If there is a branded pen, mug, hoodie or t-shirt in the room, I’m sure to clock it. Okay, it’s not the most coolest ‘skill’ in the world, but it shows that promotional products work!

For instance, my friend was wearing a branded t-shirt yesterday. After clocking it, I asked him where he had got it from and he told me that he got it from an event he helped out at last year. He then went on to tell me how much fun it was and even better, I still remember the company who gave it to him.

The BPMA (2017) have shown that 91% of businesses use branded clothing in their marketing strategy. But, why?

1. Branded apparel is highly valued by the end user.

As is the case with my friend, he still continues to wear his hoodie because it serves as a souvenir of the great time he had. Branded apparel has also become more fashionable in recent years as styles have tended to follow high-street trends.

2. Branded apparel continues to raise brand awareness long after an event has finished.

Your end-users effectively become brand ambassadors. For example, my friend was telling me stories from the event and as a result, has promoted this year’s event to me. Therefore, branded apparel achieves longevity. Don’t believe me? The ASI showed that branded clothing delivers over six months of brand exposure.

3. Branded apparel shows that a company values its clients.

Everyone loves a gift. Because, it makes you feel appreciated. And, as a company, business wouldn’t exist without your valued customers. Branded apparel is an ideal way to say thank you, or well done (I’ve still got my branded t-shirt I received at my BA and MA graduations) to your clients and keep your company at the forefront of their minds when they next want to make a purchase.

4. Branded apparel suits a wide range of business goals.

For example, you can include a t-shirt in a welcome package for new employees or distribute branded clothing at events. It’s a great way to stand out from the crowd and make sure your employees and/or customers are looking and feeling good.

With all things considered, it costs very little to include promotional apparel in your marketing strategy when you weigh up all the benefits involved. And with the advances in digital printing (e.g. embroidery, direct to garment etc.) your logo is sure to make a lasting impact.

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