The growth of corporate clothing in the UK

k105bMost employers in the UK will already have some kind of dress code in operation within their business. In some places this will merely exclude sportswear and ripped clothing, whereas in others it will be much stricter. But what about the use of branded, unique, corporate clothing in business?

The use of corporate clothing in the UK has been steadily on the rise over the past couple of decades. Corporate clothing suppliers in the UK are enjoying a rise in turnover of between 6 and 8 per cent year on year, and the industry as a whole sells in excess of 40 million garments per annum; that’s around 4 per cent of the total fashion market in Britain!

rbs_poloshirt_04Love it or hate it, branded workwear is becoming more and more popular, as businesses large and small begin to recognise the importance of having a familiar image whenever they come into contact with customers. From basic branded t-shirts through to complete outfits with hats and bags, looking the part is becoming more important than ever across all manner of industries.

Why corporate clothing is on the rise

There are many reasons why corporate clothing is provided by employers and companies, including:

  • To help raise awareness of their own brand
  • To improve the appearance and authority of their staff
  • To help identify their staff in busy areas
  • To ensure staff are compliant with health and safety regulations
  • As an additional benefit to their staff

kfc_blackshirt_03Of course, none of these benefits are new, but it may be that some companies are only now realising how the cost of uniforms can be offset by some of the benefits of having their staff wear them. Many businesses are realising that brand awareness is worth its weight in gold, and that presenting a uniform image to clients and stakeholders alike is beneficial to the workers, the business and their profits.

Our director, Martin Seymour, commented,
“Yes, I do think that corporate clothing in general, alongside companies wishing to create a corporate identity, will continue to grow and grow into the future. Here at Everything Corporate, we’re in a great position to supply these businesses with exactly what they need, at a price they can afford.”

kylemark-staff-uniforms-waistcoat-shirt“Firstly, the huge range of corporate clothing we are able to offer means we can satisfy the needs of a great variety of industries, occupations and professions, not just the run of the mill polo shirts. Many companies are now looking to supply a complete wardrobe, including jackets, trousers and more, and we’re ready to help them procure the very best for their staff. “

“When it comes to health and safety, we can supply safety regulation clothing and equipment, all fully branded to uphold the company image. We work on precise pantone colours, so there’s no ‘almost’ when it comes to matching up with your logo or company colours. All our corporate clothing can be fully complemented with accessories such as lanyards, bags and even gifts, and with a smaller lower order limit than ever before, there’s no need to shell out for large quantities of these items.”

The majority of companies are investing in logo based branding for their clothing right now, but we think that’s likely to change in the future. Our Director said,

“As printing technology and digital imaging software becomes more advanced, so too will the requirements of businesses for more detailed branding become increasingly complex. We’ve already seen the liveries of corporate lorries and vans moving away from just logos and phone numbers towards incredibly detailed images and graphics, and clothing is undoubtedly going to move in the same direction. From all over prints to clever optical illusions, a big change is coming in the corporate clothing marketplace.”

Could your business benefit from corporate clothing?

With so many companies taking the plunge with branded workwear, you might be wondering if you should be hopping on this uniform train right now too. Well, we certainly think you should as the benefits of corporate workwear swiftly overtake the expense of procuring these items. Here are just a few of the ways your company could be benefitting today:

  • Free advertising: When you invest in branded clothing, you’ll be getting free advertising everywhere your workforce goes. A good impression counts, of course, so make sure your workwear looks great, then sit back and enjoy greater brand recognition wherever your staff end up.
  • Health and Safety made easy: If you’re in an industry that requires certain safety standards to be met, investing in branded clothing is an easy way to ensure you’re staying compliant. Rather than relying on staff to purchase the correct attire, simply hand them out, complete with beautiful branding, and instantly you’re on the right side of the law from start to finish.
  • Happier employees: Studies have shown that branded clothing can make employees happier in the workplace. Sharing a branded image can help them feel a part of the team, and can create a sense of professional pride. They’ll see that you care enough to provide comfortable, good looking workwear so they can do their job safely, and will be happier as a result.
  • Happier customers: Branded clothing helps customers to spot your staff more easily, so they can approach them with questions or requests with confidence Corporate clothing also gives your staff a sense of authority, and helps them to command respect when dealing with awkward or tricky customers.
  • Easy ordering: With all the improvements to printing equipment and digital technology, it’s never been easier to design and order your ideal workwear. Whether you want a simple logo on a polo shirt or something more complex, talk to Everything Corporate about your design and we’ll be happy to supply your needs in a fast, effective manner.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of corporate clothing. Talk to us today and see just how easy it can be to present a more professional image.