Journals have risen in popularity since the re-emergence of Moleskine books in the last 20 years. Moleskine themselves say the book dates back over the last 2 centuries and was popular with ‘artists and thinkers’. They cite Van Gogh and Hemingway as users of the journal, although you would imagine that is an unsubstantiated claim – it’s certainly a bold one!

One thing we do know is that they’re popular with the artists and thinkers of today, as well as many of us less esteemed folk! No matter how many electronic devices we have that are capable of taking notes, it seems we much prefer the age old tradition of putting pen to paper with our thoughts and reminders.

This popularity makes the journal an ideal promotional product. It’s used on a daily basis, left on the desk on somewhere handy at home, keeping your brand in front of its user.

Journal books are available with hard or padded covers. Can be printed, embossed or blind embossed, depending on the cover. There are many options that allow you to have your own printed matter inside the Journals and they can also have an elastic loop to hold your branded pen, doubling the impact of your logo!

The prices range from around £1.50 to £5 depending on the size, quality and quantity, although there are some exclusive brands which cost a fair bit more than that.

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