How to make THE perfect cupcake in 3 easy steps

Four words: Butter. Sugar. Eggs. Flour.

Cake is the way forward. Cupcakes especially. They’re delightful little treats that always go down a storm. So popular in fact that Everything Corporate distributed 6,336 cupcakes around the UK last month alone. But, how do you make the perfect cupcake?

Step 1: Gather ingredients and get stuck in!

Cupcakes come in all different shapes, sizes, colours and flavours.

If you’re stuck for inspiration,  Mary Berry’s vanilla cupcakes are A-MAZING.

If you’re like me and you’re a bit of a chocolate addict, these  chocolate orange cupcakes are also a good bet.

And if you’re watching the calories, the Hairy Biker’s skinny lemon cupcakes are delicious.

Whatever takes your fancy… Happy Baking!

Baking Equipment


Step 2: Brand your cupcake

With your cupcakes fresh out of the oven, it’s the perfect time to brand them with your company logo.

Why? Because corporate cupcakes are an innovative and creative solution to marketing your business and extending brand recognition.

Cupcakes on stand

Step 3: Spoil your clients and staff

Corporate cupcakes are ideal for office parties, events (such as new product launches) as well as meeting and conferences.

They’re a bit like sweets and chocolates in the way that they are a much deserved sugary treat.

Branded Cupcakes

Now if you don’t have an industrial sized oven or kitchen for that matter, Everything Corporate are happy to source and brand yummy corporate cupcakes for you.

Drop me an email to book a discovery call with us.