Best Sellers - Mugs


The UK is a great tea drinking nation, and is also rapidly becoming a big coffee drinking nation, with all the many varieties offered on every High Street.

It’s long been the case that many people wouldn’t start work until the kettle was put on, and the first brew was made. As such the humble mug makes perfect sense as an ideal promotional product. It’s in every home and every office, and it’s fair to say that a large percentage of those mugs will be branded promotional mugs.

Think of the total marketing budget for Sports Direct, and what would most people remember of their campaign – the oversized branded mug you received with every order.

The statistics back this up with mugs being the fourth most popular item being given away across the full range of promotional products. They work as a corporate gift because they’re nearly always kept. They sit on your desk or your coffee table at home, so they’re in front of you. You even spend a few minutes looking at them whilst you wait for your tea to brew!

Mugs also have a large branding area with a full wrap print being quite common. They are good for full colour or photo designs, so can be used to enhance other advertising campaigns. There is also the heat reveal mugs which can add a secondary dimension to this advertising gift. They are relatively inexpensive, available in small quantities and can be produced in as little as 3 days.

If you think the time is right to get some branded mugs, please contact us for more information.