Best Sellers - Pens


Research has shown that pens are the most common promotional items to be given away. The reason for that is because they achieve the goal of getting your brand in front of the recipient and keeping it there. The added bonus is that you can achieve that at pretty low cost too!

Promotional pens fit every profile of recipient. Irrespective of your age, sex or occupation, we all need a pen. Just think how often you hear the question ‘Has anyone got a pen?’

As far as a vehicle for carrying your brand goes, the promotional pen does well for such a relatively small item. Branding areas on the barrel and clip, as well as a full wrap print available on some pens, mean that there are many ways to get your message out there. The recent development of digital and photo quality print, mean that the more complex logos can get accurately produced, as well as product imagery.

There is also a selection of pens that can get produced in 48 and even 24 hour turnarounds, so if you need a branded product in a hurry, the pen can be a good solution.

They also fit nearly every budget. We offer a full range of literally 100’s of option at all prices from just over 10p, to quality brand name pens and a fair bit more than that!

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