Celebrating Achievement

How to recognise and celebrate your achievements

So, as you can see,  I received my MA in English Language and Linguistics on Wednesday. I got to wear the gown, throw my mortar board into the air and walk across the stage to receive a handshake from the Pro-Chancellor. It’s the first day I’ve actually felt proud of my degree. I think it must have been the relief of knowing that all the late nights and early mornings, repetitive analysis and copious amounts of chocolate were actually worth it. I could actually relax into being an MA (Master of Arts).

My graduation got me thinking though. We don’t actually stop to celebrate our achievements enough. Sure, we have the major celebrations like graduation, retirement and anniversaries. But, what about celebrating our smaller, more personal, daily achievements? Like setting up a new business, health eating, quitting smoking, ticking off a task on your to-do list or just getting up and facing the day ahead. Whatever it is, your achievement deserves recognition because it’s very rare you actually achieve something without dedication, perseverance and sacrifice. But, how do you actually recognise your achievements?

Treat yourself

Congratulations, you’ve achieved your goal and now it’s time to take time for you. Do some retail therapy, order your favourite takeway, watch that boxset you didn’t have time for because you were too busy achieving, socialise, go for long walks, take a long soak in the bath, travel to new places (I flew to Africa, but you don’t have to go that far!). Whatever makes you feel happy and relaxed, do it. Recharge your batteries. You’ve so earned this.

Say thank you


Give credit where credit is due. Say thank you for those achievements that you couldn’t have done without the support from your family, friends or colleagues. Make sure you take the time to say thank you face to face. You could also write them a card and gift them with a present, it doesn’t have to be big – my friend was delighted with her box of chocolates!

It’s important to recognise your own achievements, but it’s also important to recognise the role that other people have played to get you where you are today. Besides, you don’t know when you may need their encouragement again. Or, by the same token, they may need your support in achieving their own goal.

Onwards and upwards

Now that you’ve celebrated and recognised your achievement, it’s time to set your next goal.  Remember to make it realistic and take baby steps. Change doesn’t happen overnight. You’ll get where you’re going in the end.

If you would like to say thank you to someone (maybe a loyal customer or employee) in 2018, visit our website.