The rise of corporate clothing

I’ve just realised that the title sounds like a really bad action film, but hey ho, I’m going to roll with it.

Most employers already have some kind of dress code or uniform in place within their business. I used to work in retail and I remember we had to wear really scratchy and uncomfortable tops. But, luckily, corporate clothing has come a long way since then and I’m actually quite jealous of some of the uniforms!

These improvements are seen in the fact that the sale of corporate clothing has been steadily on the increase over the years. Overall, the work and business clothing sector represents approximately 4% of all the clothes purchased in the UK. An excess of 40 million corporate garments are sold each year (Corprotex, 2015).

So, what exactly is corporate clothing?

The general definition is any garment not worn during time spent outside of the workplace (Corprotex, 2015). It can include formal business wear, professional business uniforms, casual office or business dress and casual dress.

Why is corporate clothing on the rise?

  • Free advertising. Wherever your employees go, your brand goes.
  • Health and safety made easy. Corporate clothing allows you to have peace of mind as your don’t have to rely on employees to get the correct health and safety gear for their role.
  • Happier employees. Sharing a branded image can help employees feel a sense of belonging and create a sense of professional pride.
  • Happier customers. An established dress code can help your customers recognise and trust your brand (even from a mile off!).

What’s the future of corporate clothing?

The majority of companies are investing in logo-based branding for their corporate clothing at the moment. But, we think this is likely to change in the future.

Printing technology and digital imaging software is becoming more advanced. As a result, businesses’ requirements for more detailed branding are becoming more complex.

We’ve already seen the liveries of corporate lorries and vans moving away from just logos and phone numbers towards incredibly detailed images and graphics. Corporate clothing is undoubtedly going to move in the same direction. From all over prints to clever optical illusions, a big change is coming in the corporate clothing marketplace.

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