Best Selers - Umbrellas


Why are umbrellas such a good promotional product?

The first reason that springs to mind is the fact that you can brand your logo on a large colourful canopy that is held aloft at eye level for everyone to see.  That can’t be bad.

Then add the fact that this is the UK and a rainy day is never far away, so your walking advert will do its job regularly throughout the year.

This second point is backed up by the following wonderful statistic:

Assuming we get the average 147 wet days in the UK in a year, a branded budget golf umbrella will cost you just 4p for each use throughout that year.  That can’t be bad value!

The real success of an umbrella is the durability and necessity of them.  Storm-proof umbrellas in particular are very long lasting and people don’t throw them away as they appreciate the use of them.  Also, you can never have too many – one in the office, one in the car, one at home and even a telescopic one in your work bag.  People tend to leave them behind in bars, cafes, restaurants or public transport.  Then when the next shower arrives, someone else will pick it up and the advertising continues!  It’s a corporate gift that keeps on giving!

Umbrellas come in three main styles:

Telescopic umbrellas – which are small and easily transported.

City Umbrellas – which are bigger, more stylish, but won’t take up the whole pavement.

Golf Umbrellas – these offer the best protection with the biggest canopy and are the most resilient

Branding on promotional umbrellas is generally by screen print or digital print.  You can brand individual panels of the umbrella or go for all over canopy print.

If you’ve been caught without an umbrella in a shower, now might be the time to consider some branded umbrellas.  Contact us for more information.