Best Sellers USB Flashdrives

USB Flashdrives

USB flash drives have been a prominent part of any range of quality corporate merchandise for over 10 years now. We all have an increasing need to store data and media of all kinds, and there’s no better way to do that than with these pocket or even wallet sized promotional items.

USB flash drives come in a multitude of different shapes and sizes, there are credit card USB drives, the now famous Twister USB drive and are even memory sticks that come in the shape of a stick – more accurately a twig!!

There are many options for people conscious of the effect on the environment, and there’s also the possibility to create a flash drive in a totally bespoke shape – maybe your logo, or a new product you are trying to promote.

As a way of delivering your brand to the client, USB sticks are an excellent way of doing this. The small flash drives themselves have good branding areas and you can also load your corporate presentation onto the drive itself, so the recipient will get to view that.

The biggest factor to determine the price (apart from quantity) would be the memory size. At Everything Corporate we are pleased to offer branded USB flash drives in any memory size, as well as any bespoke option you may want to consider.

There are USB sticks that are available in as little as 3 days, so they are another product that can work well when a last minute promotional item is needed.

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