2018 new and different

What’s new and different in the world of promotional products?

For today’s blog post, I’ve been working hard to find the exciting new, different and clever promotional gadgets that are sure to have businesses and customers in awe next year! Here are 5 of the best:

1. Magic Ball

Magic Ball Promotional gadgets

There’s never a dull moment with the magic ball. Steer it anywhere you fancy, let it dance or give it a special mood light colour. It’s a great way for your consumers to have fun with your brand.

2. Macaron Charging Cable

Macaron charging cable promotional gadgets

This handy gadgets helps you to stay charged on the go as well as promote your brand. The cable recoils into the body to prevent annoying tangled cables. You can also use the product as a phone stand. 2 uses for the price of 1!

3. Robot Cleaner

Robot Cleaner promotional gadgets

Funky robot gadget that easily cleans your phone and tablet screens through vibration. The microfibre cleaning pad with multi-coloured LED lights never skips a spot and can remove dust and oil.

4. Ring Selfie Button

Ring Selfie Button Promotional Gadgets

This fun, handy and easy to use Bluetooth remote control helps you to take the perfect selfie. Just click and grab the limelight for your brand.

5. Powerboard

Powerboard Promotional Gadgets

Last but not least, this sleek powerbank provides express battery charging with overcharging protection.

The future is here!

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