Branding: What goes in…

Branding: What goes in… Must come out!

This week we’ve been getting to grips with just how much work goes into personalising and branding clothing items. We only provide high quality merchandise and to get that, a lot of work needs to go into it. The resources and manpower that goes into something you may have considered as easy as ‘slapping on  a label’ may surprise you.

Throughout this blog post you will see the process of a variety of branding techniques.

Different ways it can be done

There are many types of branding from embroidery to a traditional screen-printing process or a modern digital printing process.  Custom clothing branding is now easier than ever before. Each technique offers unique advantages, make sure to consider all elements and options before choosing your style.

Labour of Love

Much work and due diligence goes into every order we receive to make sure our clients get as much pride using our products as we do creating them.

Having your logo on a piece of clothing is a win-win situation. It helps instil a pride within your staff and raises awareness of your business at the same time.

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Popular items this time of year are our summer ranges. Comfortable professional wear for all weathers.

with all that in mind consider this benefit of branded clothing, it unites your team – and teamwork makes the dream work!