Mighty Mug

The Mighty Mug brings a unique innovation to the ever popular promotional product range of Travel Mugs.
So what makes it so different that it can call itself the ‘Mighty Mug’?

The Mighty Mug proudly boasts that it is the only travel mug in the World that clings to the desk when knocked over and yet still lifts seamlessly off the desk when you need a drink.

Its patented SmartGrip Technology incorporates a suction pad on the base that helps it grips your desk, withstanding quite a severe knock and keeping it upright. This is a very useful feature when filled with a hot drink! As a travel mug it is thermally insulated, ensuring that your drink stays warm when needed, or ice cold on a hot day.

As a corporate gift it will work very well. Firstly it’s a quality product which has been very well engineered and developed. It’s pretty unique and so anyone receiving the Mighty Mug will be sure to keep it. It has a good branding area, so it will keep your logo prominent in front of the user.

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