Modern Slavery Policy

Everything Corporate Ltd processes in place to check suppliers anti-trafficking/ slavery policy

We endorse the values within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Core Conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) based on respect for the dignity of the individual without distinction of kind.

The key elements we support are:

1. Working conditions should allow for safe working practices and support the occupational health of employees
2. Employees should be treated fairly in relation to reasonable working hours, periodic leave and remuneration for work performed
3. To make allowance for negotiations leading to collective agreements
4. People are employed based on the principle of equal opportunity, without distinction to race, colour, gender, religion, affiliation or origin
5. Not to use or participate in child, forced or bonded labour, and specifically there will be compliance with the relevant standards of the International Labour Organization

We also commit to respect the principles laid down within the framework of the Declaration of the ILO of 1998, relating to the basic principles and rights at work:

• Effective abolition of child labour
• Elimination of all forms of forced or compulsory labour (slavery)
• Elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation
• Freedom of association and effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining


Compliance is carried out by our buying group (Page Partnership) through a supplier questionnaire. Part of this is highlighting the key elements of our values which are set out in our Supplier Code. They expect our suppliers to adhere to and to live by the key elements of the Supplier Code and monitor the performance of suppliers in this respect.

They & Everything Corporate Ltd prefer a continuous improvement approach with suppliers to achieve compliance to the key elements of our Supplier Code. If cases of non-compliance are found, we and the supplier will develop ways and means to correct the non-compliance, provided we receive the commitment from the supplier to correct the non-compliance within due time.

If there is no commitment or lack of corrective measures, then we will cease to do business.

Auditing the supply chain in respect of Modern Slavery Act 2015.

We check supplier’s credentials via our buying groups supplier questionnaire.

The main indicators that they are checking for, which are all covered under the Modern Slavery Act 2015, are:

• Abuse of vulnerability
• Deception
• Restriction of movement
• Physical and sexual violence
• Intimidation and threats
• Retention of identity documents
• Withholding of wages
• Abusive working and living conditions

They would then carry out periodic reviews and visits to check the information provided by the supplier in the questionnaire is correct and up to date. Any changes that conflict with our aims in this area will be considered and then a judgement made as to whether to work with the supplier to improve.