My week (or two)

Cadiz Easter

This post actually covers two weeks as I had an extended holiday over Easter and went to Cadiz in Southern Spain, if you like an old Spanish town with traditional food and a place where English is most definitely the second language it’s for you, a really lovely place that you can totally lost in the maze of backstreets whilst only 10 minutes from your hotel.

I have to confess my “no social media & internet at work” campaign slipped on my return last week which surprised me as I was supposed to be fully recharged and ready for work on my return from holidays, anyhow I’m pleased to report we are back on track.

I find that most of the great innovators, mentors & business icons I read about all have a structured schedule to start the day mainly revolves about exercise, some also go for meditation but as far as I can see most don’t reach for the phone or laptop & start answering emails & texts.  For the last 18 months my early morning routine includes 20 minutes of Yoga exercises before breakfast & only then will I look at an email. Yoga was initially these were introduced by a physio to help with a back problem  I had, she also recommended I went to Yoga classes which I promptly ignored, then during a night out  a friend mentioned  she wanted to try Yoga and it must have been the wine talking but I agreed to go with her. Since then we have gone every week, I’m still the worst pupil -totally inflexible and get myself in all sorts of pickles but I love it. It‘s also helping with my stiff knees & hips caused by playing a  lot of sport mainly football in my younger days, it was an era when a warm up was a cup of tea and kicking a few footballs at as hard as possible at the poor goalie & a warm down was a pint in the clubhouse!

The biggest issue for anybody organising events this time of year is the that with Easter & an Early May Bank Holiday so close together. For event managers co-ordinating stakeholders, venues & suppliers is a complete nightmare, for us  we  lose valuable production time throw in a Far East & European Bank Holidays we all find that the whole supply chain is stretched, so this week at Everything Corporate we have spent a lot of time liaising with customers, suppliers and most importantly our logistic  partners  to make sure we hit the deadlines, we are extremely grateful that our supply chain is working on shorter production times in general, to meet demand. For us we seem to spend a far part of our day liaising with couriers, I sometimes think working here is a good apprenticeship for working in logistics

Finally, a very sad note to end this week for everybody in the Everything Corporate office, with the news that Anna Di Cunha who joined us last July has announced she is leaving us & moving to Portugal in June. We are all very sad to see Anna move on but excited for her & family on their move West, we will miss amongst many things her laughter & smile but thank her for bringing a little bit of Brazilian sunshine into our lives over the last 10 months.

This week for me

Eating -Spanish -lots of seafood in Cadiz

Drinking – I did visit the sherry region of Spain but I really enjoyed the Roja

Watching- Behind the Line-on catch up

Reading-Blue Ocean Strategy