My Week-the good, the bad & the brown

I watched a video by Jeff Bezos this week where he attempts to explain his business model to an interviewer who just did not get Jeff & his business. The interviewer was obsessed with internet businesses & Jeff tries to explain that his business is about listening to the customers need and then delivering. Jeff would of been a success whatever era he was born, it just so happened he timed it right with the birth of the internet. Its a good watch.

I took my car into the dealership for a minor fix this week. The dealership is a new build with very flashy service & with a very shiny reception area. After dropping the car off I was at my desk in the morning a received via email a video from the dealership of some bloke inspecting my car- I’ve not had that before.
Everything went well until I went to collect the car, I’m not going to bore you but the customer service was awful, the chap sat next me with his handbrake in his hand was equally unimpressed with the service. Despite all the bells & whistles I was left frustrated and unimpressed.

The second example of bad service was work related, I need to make a simple adjustment to my account with one of the major couriers (the very brown one), the adjustment would save us & the courier delivery time on collections, I called a went through the endless options and eventually I was speaking to a human being who advised me that my request was not possible, I stressed that all the other couriers are happy to help & indeed suggested the time saving request but this was not carrying any sway & was told in no uncertain terms that the Brown company does not do it this way, so  me the customer has to put up & shut up. I was left frustrated, so I waited on line to leave one of those customers service surveys. Having left it I realised that I had just waisted another 2minutes of my life, because if the brown company are not listening to customers on the phone why should they take any notice of a survey.

Listening to customers is a great way to improve customer service, Jeff Bezos stands by it and it seems he’s doing ok.

Workwise this week we enjoyed a wide range of orders & requests, we are in the process in producing a mascot for a client for an event at Twickenham, this is a first for us & so far, the mascot is shaping out well. For another client we sampled two eco-friendly journal book options one made from solely recycled leather and the other part apple peels and recycled leather. Both are excellent options and I’m interested to see which one the client orders.

It’s my 4th week of no social web browsing & social media at work, it’s been tough at times not to go online to check the sport or news (well not looking at the news is refreshing) also its all the little searches you do during the day, somebody mentions a new restaurant so you jump on and look at the menu, that’s another minute away from work. I find the real benefit is in better concentration & it does really help in getting bigger projects completed, this is here to stay for me, give it a go and let me know how you get on.

Some other highlights for me this week;

Reading –Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Malts

Watching-Line of Duty

Eating –Duck Curry

Sport-Masters masters & more Masters

Martin Seymour

Director Everything Corporate