Promo Webstores

Free webstores that save your businesses time and money

We offer businesses free webstores to help them organise and distribute their promotional merchandise.

Before working with us, our webstore clients spent a lot of time dealing with small merchandise orders for all kinds of people within their company.

You know the type. The last minute requests that make you (or your marketing team) drop what you’re doing and spend time liaising with your supplier. You’re spending loads of time getting artwork approved and deliveries arranged – the whole thing is very time consuming.

Then there’s the constant issue of policing your brand to make sure that the different areas of the business are not ordering ‘weird & wonderful’ things from unapproved sources. I’m sure you’ve had this happen!

There is a solution to this massive waste of time. Let us set up a “company webstore” for you, stocked only with your approved products. Then, all you have to do is point your different departments to your own dedicated webstore. All of your employees can use their own departmental budgets to order standardised merchandise with ease. The process will no longer take up any of your marketing department’s time and resources.

You might be wondering – how much is this going to cost? Whose budget is this coming from? How will I find time to set this up?

We currently have an offer for a select number of businesses – we are setting up a limited number of webstores, completely free of charge. You just choose your products, and we take care of all of the details.

Why do we offer company webstores completely free of charge?

Everything Corporate is an industry leader in company webstores, and we work with some of the biggest names in business, including Amazon, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, and KFC.

We have been creating, managing, and operating company webstores for many years, and we have recently revamped our promotional webstore platform. Our on-boarding process is simpler than ever, and we now have added capacity to add new stores. That’s why we want to offer you, one of our valued existing clients, the opportunity to open your own webstore and experience all of its benefits.

What is included in our free webstore offer?

  • Building the site
  • Full product visuals
  • Photography
  • Design – fully themed to your brand
  • Payment & invoice gateway set up
  • Multi-currency billing (if needed)
  • Multi-language functionality

Your store will be fully stocked with your pre-approved merchandise, and we do not require any annual spend or a sole supply agreement. We can ship your merchandise worldwide, no matter where it’s needed.

Check out an example of our free webstores

Please click here for a video overview and a description of our demo site, and click here to enter the demo site. You can go through all of the functions, place a test order, and get a feel for how it works.

A free webstore set-up that will save you time and money – it’s as simple as that. Ordering branded merchandise will be streamlined and standardised across your entire company. We guarantee your marketing team will love it, and so will you.

Get in touch now and let’s talk about how our free webstore offer can benefit your business. This is a limited time offer, and it won’t last for much longer. Simply reply to this email, or pick up the phone and give me a call – the choice is yours.

We can’t stress enough that this is a limited time, ‘first come, first serve’ offer. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Don’t delay – reply to this email right now and find out more about how we can set up your free webstore.