Like all great designs, the Retap is an extremely simple one.

This refillable water bottle was created by a Danish design agency, with the intention of creating a product that encouraged individuals to drink plenty of water as part of a healthy lifestyle. It is quite common to see people with a bottle of water on their desk, but once it’s gone, they may have to wait for some time before they next go out their next bottle and continue the hydration process.

The Retap bottle encourages you to use tap water, which some people fear isn’t clean enough. It is however a general obligation for EU countries to ensure that tap water is safe to drink. When your Retap bottle is empty, you simply refill it from the tap. This also serves as good news for the environment. The biggest environmental impact of bottled water, is from transporting it around the world.

This promotional items’ Scandinavian design is simple and functionalistic. The colourful lid not only makes the bottle distinctive, but is free of PVC, bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates.

As a promotional product it ticks all the boxes – good for the recipient, good for the environment and a stylish way to carry your brand.

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