The complete Guide to branded re-usable mugs & tumblers

The sales of re-usable coffee/drink mugs have rocketed recently as we realise the damage  caused to the environment by use disposable cups. The move towards re-usable cups  has gathered pace within companies & organisations with many offering staff a branded cup instead of disposable versions, so with that in mind I thought it was time to put together a comprehensive list of options.

So make yourself a tea or coffee put your feet up  & spend a few minutes looking at the options below.

Americano Range

The American range has been around for many years and is probably the most popular range currently in the UK.

For the past few years the American range consisted of 4 mug designs

Americano 350ML

Americano Grande 350ml (same as the Americano but with a handle)

Both the above are double walled so no need for a silicone grip

Two smaller mugs are the Medio 300ml & the Primo 250ml both these mugs are single walled so due to heat transfer a silicone grip is required

This year there are two new welcome additions to the Americano range

Espresso 250ml

Cortado 300ml Clear plastic with grip & lid

Apart from the Cortado all other mugs in the range offers options for full colour print with a choice of colour options for lids & grips. This really is a quality mug range & even better for being made in the UK -Blackpool actually

Price guide

Americano 1 col print £3.50-£3.00

Americano Full colour £7.00 -£4.00

Americano Grande 1 colour print £4.50 £3.75

Americano Grande full colour print £8.00 -£4.50

Medio 1 colour print£2.25-£1.75

Medio Full colour £4.00-£2.50

Primo Mug 1 colour print £2.00-£1.50

Primo Full colour £3.75-£2.75

Cortado 1 colour print £3.25-£2.75

Espresso 1 colour print £3.50-£3.00

Espresso Full colour £3.50-£3.00

The Universal range of Tumblers are the main competitor to the Americano mug, the Universal range is competitively priced and good alternative to the americano. We offer two designs

The standard tumbler 350ml comes with a choice of lid & body colours, is double walled. There are 3 lid design choices to choose from. There is a full colour print option.

Price guide

1 colour Print £3.25-£2.25

Full colour Print £5.00-£3.00

The universal challenger mug 350ml has all the benefits of the standard tumbler but comes with a handle. This mug does not come with a full colour option.

Price guide

1 colour Print £3.75-£2.25

Travel Mugs

If you are looking for mugs for you team on the move a Thermal mug is a good solution

The Translucent & solid colour range of mugs 400ml are a really great entry level range of mugs available in 7 vibrant colours, with a insulated plastic inner & full wrap print this mug at the price also makes a great client giveaway.

Price guide £2.50-£2.00

The ever popular stainless steel mug 450ml also offers great value for money with 9 trim & handle colour options to complement most brands. Being stainless steel  branding options are print or engraving.

Price range £3.50-£2.50

The rubberised Travel mug 450ml is a good alternative the steel mug, is made from stainless steel with a black rubberised coating, the mug comes in  9 handle & trim colours. The mug is branded by engraving showing through the surface of the mug creating an eye catching appearance.

Price range £4.00-£3.00

The Lancaster insulating mug 500ml is made in double walled construction keeping drinks hot or cold for longer. Supplied with a leak proof lid. Colour white available with print on the upper body. Print area 40x 20mm

Price guide £6.50-£5.50

The Easy lock sports vacuum mug 300ml will keep hot drinks warm for 5 hours & cold drinks cool for an impressive 15 hours, available in 5 colours. Made from double walled stainless steel. Can be branded with print.

Price range £10.00- £8.00

Contigo mugs

Contigo make very stylish mugs all future Autospout patented technology to operate the flip-up spout for easy one handed drinking. 100% sill & leek proof.

Huron Thermal mug 470ml vacuum insulated mug, keeps drinks hot for 5 hours & cool for 12 hours. Available in Grey or Blue. Can be branded with print.

Price range £18.50-£17.50

West loop thermal mug 470ml keeps drinks hot for 4 hours & cool for 12 hours, Available in Grey or Blue. Can be branded with print.

Price Range £24-£22

Stojo Foldable Mug 12oz

This foldable mug is a really pratical solution for people that work at different locations or are constantly on the move. The mug is collapsible& ultra portable. Available in Red, blue, Pink, Black & Green.

Price range


ECO Friendly Range

Below are a selection of Eco friendly re-useable mugs,

Budget Bamboo Tumbler 350ml is made from 50% bamboo fibre & polypropylene. Supplied with Silicone lid & grip which are available in 5 colours. Branding on the grip, 1 colour only.

Price Range £3.50-£2.50

Bamboo Fibre Coffee Cup 430ml

Made from natuarally Grown bamboo fibre with a sillicon grip & lid. This mug is single walled

Price Range £5.00-£4.00

PLA Coffee Cup 350 ml

The mug is manufactured from 100% biodegradable plant material, white coured mug with coloured grip & lid. Choice of 7 lid colours

Price range £9.00-£6.50


Possibly the mot popular eco friendly re-useable mug range. Available in 14oz ,12oz, & 8oz sizes.

This cup is made from organic bamboo fibre.

Price Guide

8oz Printed 1 colour £9.25- £7.75

12oz Printed 1 colour £9.50-£8.25

14oz Printed 1 colour £10.00-£8.50

So  that completes our list, hopefully the above helps you choose the re-useable mug for your company or for your next  advertising promotion.

 As always please feel free to contact me for more information on any of re-useable mugs featured, I’m happy to pass on any information  to help you reach the right decision but  please do think about going re-useable as it wiill make an impact as well as making your staff very happy.

Martin Seymour