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There are some remarkable technologies out there today, for example, did you know about one business has developed pill-sized electrode implants that respond to thoughts. It hopes to use these to restore a level of independence to people affected by paralysis.

We’ve not got anything quite as amazing as that(yet!) however we still have some pretty damn snazzy stuff. In this following blog, we are going to show you some remarkable gadgets that are incredibly useful AND help you get your brand reach a higher audience.

First up, we have these Bluetooth sunglasses.

These Bluetooth sunglasses are the perfect 2-in-1 combination of bone conduction and Bluetooth technology. Its fantastic stereo sound, comfortable ergonomic design, IP67 waterproof level and double noise-cancelling microphones for handsfree calling make these glasses and headphone in one an absolute must-have, especially in the weather we’ve been having!

Next up, we have the Xoopar Anti Lost.

Can’t remember where you parked your car? Can’t find your keys… again? With this smart Bluetooth tracker, you are always able to locate your valuables. The app searches for any attached device that is up to 25 meters away from your phone. Great branding area and handy to keep with you.

This little item doesn’t pack as much of ‘wow’ factor as the rest but it is very much where the future of portable memory lies and while dearer then a typical memory stick – you get what you pay for it is super speedy.

A slim and elegant SSD drive for PC, Notebook or Macintosh with USB port. It’s a 5v power supply and you can just ‘plug & play’ very simple to use. Very much an item you need to try to realise just how efficient and convenient they are. Once you change over – you’ll never go back!

Back to the flashy items!

The days of boring-looking speakers are over with these true eye-catchers with music in it! This powerful 3-watt Bluetooth speaker doubles as a picture frame, or as a full colour picture in the shape of your logo. It includes a rechargeable 500 mAh battery, giving you up to 4 hours of musical entertainment.

Finally, we’ll end on a unique gadget to help highlight your message. It has a built in LED lighting which transforms your bicycle wheel into a moving promotional advert! Through the app, you can choose the image to display. The Elite version even offers the possibility to design or upload your own visual to customise your spinning wheels.

That concludes our 5 in the moment gadgets you should definitely consider this summer, if you would be interested in any of these items – please do not hesitate to get in contact with us at