Three promotional bags guaranteed to carry your message

It’s very unlikely that you would have left your house without a bag this morning. If you have, are you sure you’ve got everything? Maybe you should check just in case…

We all need somewhere to store and transport our necessary ‘stuff’ (whatever that may be, I have no idea what’s in my handbag!) throughout the day.

Promotional bags unassumingly sits on your customer’s shoulder(s) as they go about their day, creating the more number of impressions than any other promotional product.  They are also unobtrusive, sustainable and useful. Did you know that there are 101 uses for a reusable bag?

Promotional bags also have a large branding area. You can personalise them with whatever you like by printing or embroidering your logo, image or message. But, there are SO many options to choose from. Here are three of our favourite products guaranteed to bag your brand:

Expo Tote Bag Deluxe

EC Exhibition Promotional Bags

Have you got an exhibition coming up? The expo tote bag deluxe is available with 4 different trim colours to suit your brand. It’s made from thick 3000 polyester and is guaranteed to carry your message a long way.

Marley Laptop Backpack

The Marley Laptop Backpack is a stylish business flap-over backpack. It has a buckle fastened hood with duffle strings, padded compartment for a tablet/small laptop, carry handles, shoulder straps and front pocket. It’s perfect for showcasing your logo on a daily basis.

Tunstall’ Holdalls

Tunstall Holdall Promotional Bags

Where are you and your brand off to next? The Turnstall’ Holdall is perfect for the travellers amongst us.

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