The UK is famous for many things like the Royal Family, a cuppa and rain. On average, we have 147 wet days a year. Therefore, umbrellas are a familiar sight on every high street.

In effect, umbrellas are necessary, large colourful canopies that are held aloft at eye level for everyone to see. You can never have too many umbrellas. Think about it, you’ve probably got at least one at home as well as in your office, car and bag. With this in mind, you’ve probably accidentally left one behind in a café or on the bus. It’s easily done. But it is likely that someone’s picked it up in desperation when it’s started to rain and the promotion continues. In other words, branded umbrellas give your brand the attention it deserves.

Branding on promotional umbrellas is generally by screen or digital print. You also have the option of printing on individual panels or all over the canopy.

We offer telescopic, city and golf umbrellas in our catalogue.