Why creating a company webstore will save time & money?

Why creating a company webstore will save time & money?

If you’ve ever thought that you spend far to much time organising the same marketing materials for events & not working on actually the marketing side for  events then creating a company webstore is for you.

We  speak with lots of  people within marketing teams that there common complaint is they spend hours organsing basic merchandise requests  for people within the company, this involves endless emails  going back & forth with supplier & stakeholders sorting out branded merchandise for events.

By creating a small webstore with core products such as Promotional merchandise, exhibition equipment & print  you  can save that time by simply pointing the stakeholder directly to the webstore to order their swag. This can then be invoiced directly to the correct budget with little or involvement by the marketing team.

By choosing a core range you can also save money by better purchasing & negotiating with your suppliers for a better deal, also at the same time ensuring that the products are on brand and with the knowledge they adhere to your quality standards. Once set up the orders can be placed at a click of a button.

I’m guessing at this point you are thinking it sounds good but could be a nightmare to set up, actually is surprisingly easy as most merchandise suppliers will be able to help at little or no cost, however  please feel free to reach out to me for some further information, having set up up many company stores for all types organisations large & small, it really is a easy & painless process, and I’m very happy advise the best type of webstore for your company.

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